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First of all Happy New Year to you all.

Kicking off the new year it’s time to get back to our projects and reflect on how they’re going. The transformations programme has taken a different approach to reporting from many traditional Jisc programmes.  The combined use of blogs and the wiki space have been deliberately employed to allow for a more reflective approach to projects recording their experiences.  As a result we’re not asking for specific reports at specific times (though wording in the funding letter about a 6 month report has led to some confusion!) but projects are encouraged to blog regularly and make sufficient time to build up their case studies throughout the life of the project.

Most of the projects are well underway by now but understandably some case studies are further developed than others.  As the New Year begins all the projects should be endeavouring to populate the case study templates set up for them on the wiki.  Hopefully regular blogging means that projects already have much already recorded to draw on when completing their case studies.

For those who are struggling it’s probably worth looking at a couple of case studies from other projects which are further along. The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland’s Organisational Capability for BCE and Keele’s The Virtual Student Advisory Model (SAM) are both good examples as a starting point.

Also, don’t forget to make use of your colleagues working on other projects and also your critical friends to offer advice and guidance.

To get you started think about what you have learned from carrying out your project?  What has gone well for you and what not so well?  Are there any things you would do differently and what unexpected barriers and bonuses did you encounter?

Andy Stewart will deliver two online sessions, expected to be Thursday 21st and 28th February, to support anyone still having difficulties. He’ll circulate a registration form via the list soon. Andy will be happy to advise on writing your case studies and also answer any technical questions about using the wiki.

In further news, another way to make the most of peer support is to attend the upcoming CETIS conference taking place in Birmingham on the 12th and 13th of March.  You can find more details and register here.

3 thoughts on “Case studies

  1. Andy Cramp

    Thanks for the reminder and I have updated my case study now but I have a question. Since our Project is about meaningful dialogue online, will the records of student interactions via Facebook and recorded WebEx sessions also form part of the Project evaluation? perhaps even the assignments themselves?

  2. Lawrie Phipps

    Hi Andy, they can if you want to use them to demonstrate impact or another aspect of the project, but I assume that there are also confidentiality issues that must be respected.

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